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is FMOD categorized as audio production software?

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment
FMOD Designer

FMOD Designer

One of my friend who studies game programming introduced FMOD to me about a year ago. It’s a middleware for audio integration into game, something to bridge the gap between sound designer and audio programmer for game. Once I knew it, I installed all FMOD products (Ex, Designer, Sandbox) into my Windows PC but hardly open them so far since I don’t quite understand its concept and how to use it. Anyway, I’m trying to learn it soon, little by little.

Even though I’ve been audio-related news addict for years, I’ve never heard of FMOD until my friend introduced it to me. In my understanding, it’s not categorized as audio production software. But when FMOD released the latest update for Ex and Designer early this month. I knew about this update from many websites those are mainly related to audio production tools, such as KVR and Especially on KVR, FMOD was added into KVR database. This must be a sign to show how popular a Audio for Game is.

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Experience FMOD with AudioTuts+

March 25, 2009 Leave a comment

FMOD is a famous middleware for game audio, That’s all I know about FMOD. It’s another thing I can’t start using because I don’t know where should I get started, and, what it’s actually for. The helpful tutorial from AudioTuts+ help me again.



This tutorial doesn’t help me to understand how to use FMOD or tell me what it’s for. It just guides me to experience. I finished following this tutorial and don’t know what to do next. Anyway, I used it and make it sound. Making these 3 WAV files sound randomly in pitch and volumn is my new experience. It’s different from the world of linear playback.

What I feel about FMOD is, it’s tool located somewhere between sound designer and audio programmer.

Tutorial :

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