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TRON: LEGACY Official Trailer #2

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment
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Movie Trailer : Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time

November 5, 2009 1 comment

No need to say much about this title, Prince of Persia. I’ve heard of it since the DOS day until today, the day of Next-Gen game consoles. But this video is not a debut trailer of the new game in Prince of Persia series, it’s a movie trailer. Hitting to theater soon.

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Need for Speed ProStreet : GTR Trailer [Soundtrack Makeover]

August 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Need for Speed ProStreet : E3 2007 Nissan GT-R Proto Trailer
Original VDO :
Created : mid of 2007

I can’t remember when I worked on this video, possibly mid of 2007, before the launch of Need for Speed ProStreet. I’ve been Nissan fan for a while. This trailer interested me because of Nissan GTR but the soundtrack was not that interesting. So I decided to start the makeover, though I was not s composer.

I created the new soundtrack on Nuendo3. Drum and bass loops were from Stylus RMX. Some noise was made by freeware, I can’t remember which one, maybe TAL U-NO-60. I recorded 1-chord-riff guitar tracks with Squire Stratocaster direct into computer, NI Guitar Rig was used as guitar amp.

NBA Live 10 : Debut Trailer [Sound Design Makeover]

August 6, 2009 1 comment

NBA Live 10 : Debut Trailer
Original VDO :
Created : August 2009

This is my first time doing sound design. I used Nuendo3 teamed up with Reason4 on PC. Please let me know what u think about this demo. Thanks in advance for all comments.

Tron : Legacy [Trailer]

July 30, 2009 Leave a comment
Tron : Legacy

Tron : Legacy

This trailer shows up in Apple Trailer. I’ve never known it before. I download and watch this trailer because its plot is about virtual world. This must be a visual fx showcase. At the moment I see the word “VFX concept text”, the only question came up to my head is …. how should this trailer sound?

Unfortunately, this trailer on Youtube can’t be embeded. Please check it out following the links I provided below. Trust me, it’s worth to watch.

Links :

Office 2010: The Movie

July 14, 2009 Leave a comment

I didn’t pay attention to the news about Microsoft Office 2010 that much because I’ve switched to NeoOffice & OpenOffice for a while. But the word “The Movie” after Office 2010 got my attention. Microsoft pays more and more into video production, starting from “I’m a PC” series. I had a look at this trailer and found it’s nice. There was a little surprise when I checked out the trailer credit and looked for the name of sound designer. It’s hardly to see the director do sound design himself, but it is in this trailer.

Guitar shredding tune with racing game trailer

June 9, 2009 1 comment

Video : Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Trailer
Audio : Lifeforce (Vinnie Moore)
Original version :
Created : June 2009

I wonder if Neo-Classical guitar-shred song suits racing game. So I picked up one of my favorite guitar tunes, Vinnie Moore’s Lifeforce, from Mind’s Eye album. I shortened it with SoundTrack Pro and chopped the trailer up with Final Cut Pro to match the tempo of this song.

Actually I edited this video using Sony Vegas Pro 9 on PC first. But I found out that Vegas can’t directly render as MP4 (H.264 codec). So I decided to get started with Final Cut Pro. (spent hours to make FCP show waveform on timeline)