Waves Post Production

November 13, 2009 5 comments

Waves has been a big-name for audio processing plugin for years. Their plugins are widely used in music production, and also in audio post-production. Waves has just released 2 new plugins designed for post production in the new series, Waves Post Production. Let’s have a look at these two plugins.

Waves Noise Suppressor and LoAir are interesting for Sound Design. Here’s what Waves said about their 2 new post-production weapons.

WNS Waves Noise Suppressor is a real-time multiband processor for fast and effective broadband noise suppression on dialog tracks.

For years, sound design and post production professionals have been waiting for a subharmonic synthesizer plug-in that delivers the earthshaking sound of hardware. The wait is over. [LoAir]

Waves Noise Suppressor

Waves Noise Suppressor

This is clear for what they can do. What WNS interests me the word “Real-Time”. Normally, noise reduction plugin needs high degree of calculation which comes latency. Waves said WNS use low CPU and zero latency. It must be a very useful plugin when working with on-location dialog.

Waves LoAir

Waves LoAir

For LoAir, as Waves said, we’ve been looked for a subharmonic synthesizer for long time. Low-end rumble is always needed in sound design. Personally, I really like the copy writing for LoAir, Get Ready to Rumble. Wil Waves release Michael Buffer Collections soon?

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Norah Jones – The Fall

November 11, 2009 2 comments
Norah Jones : The Fall

Norah Jones : The Fall

Her beautiful voice in “Don’t know why” is still in my head. Norah Jones’ new album will release next week (Nov 17,2009) and now we can listen to “Chasing Pirates” from NorahJones.com. Let’s have a look at the audio player on the website, there’s something interesting.

Today, spreading something out on the internet is a no-brainer way to promote anything you want, no matter how famous it is; from the home-video shot from mobile phone to the blockbuster flick. In the audio world, there is no Youtube-liked service for audio so far. SoundCloud is good, but not completely free as Youtube.

Pet Shop Boys posted the preview of their latest album, Yes, on the homepage of their website (http://www.petshopboys.co.uk). I think this is a good idea but lacking of embed code to embed this preview on blogs or other social media is a serious limitation. Let’s get back to look at Norah Jones’ new album, The Fall. The single posted on her website is ready be shared via many many social network, and embed code is ready for blogs.

Audio player is ready to be shared

Audio player is ready to be shared

This is another example of using internet technology for marketing. Even the big name like Norah Jones applies this trend into her marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, WordPress.com isn’t available in the share option of this audio player 😦

Link : http://norahjones.com/


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Sound Design Book List by @timprebble

November 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Tim Prebble (@timprebble , musicofsound.co.nz) recommended books on the subject of film sound design. Thanks Tim, this is a very useful list. Though It’s not easy for me to read English book because my language skill isn’t that good, there’s no way to study sound design if I don’t read English book.

Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema by David Sonnenschein is another book I thought it’d be included in this list. I’m reading it and will pick up the next one from Tim’s list.

Link : http://www.musicofsound.co.nz/blog/sound-design-book-list

Sound Design Book List by @timprebble

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Gibson Les Paul wallpaper

November 8, 2009 3 comments

I googled around to find nice pic for my desktop background today, and I found this website when I used “Gibson Wallpaper” as keyword for image search. I like this collection of Les Paul images and now I’m using one of them as background.

Link : http://bbs.espguitars.com/showthread.php?t=38911

Gibson Wallpaper

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Movie Trailer : Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time

November 5, 2009 1 comment

No need to say much about this title, Prince of Persia. I’ve heard of it since the DOS day until today, the day of Next-Gen game consoles. But this video is not a debut trailer of the new game in Prince of Persia series, it’s a movie trailer. Hitting to theater soon.

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DaisyDisk : disk visualization tool for mac

November 4, 2009 Leave a comment


What is disk visualization tool? It’s a software that let you easily and graphically see what is in your disk. I’ve used Disk Inventory X on mac for long time. It’s free and helpful when I want to see what hog my harddisk space. By the way, I’m switching to DaisyDisk ($20), another disk visualization tool for mac in the market.

Though both Disk Inventory X and DaisyDisk are the same kind of app, the experience is different. Disk Inventory X visualizes your disk as a big rectangular block with a lot of small blocks inside. The folder structure of the disk can be explore in the same way as List in Finder. The size of each type of files is also showed on the right panel which can be hidden. This is not bad, it works very well for me. But, after I’ve tried DaisyDisk yesterday, it showed me another level of experience.

Disk Inventory X

DaisyDisk visualizes disk in circular graphic with folder list on the right side. The graphic changes dynamically to visualize the folder you access. When you roll your mouse over each small section in circular graphic, the detail of that section will show up on the sidebar. I think all the smooth transition and animation are the advantage of Core-Animation in OSX 10.5 which is the minimum requirement of DaisyDisk.

DaisyDisk : Disk Visualization Tool

DaisyDisk : Disk Visualization Tool

Disk Inventory X works well for me, and DaisyDisk is worth $20. You can choose the solution that suit you. But, for me, now I’m using DaisyDisk for FREE! MacHeist‘s latest mission is now on and only one day left! What I did is just put to correct coordinates, then I got a license number for DaisyDisk.

If you like it, go and get it.

Thank MacHeist and DaisyDisk

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Testtone #1 : Reason and Vegas

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

I created this short video because I wanted something original to test the video player on my blog. Started with Thor in Reason4, it was Thor and a bit of reverb added. Once I got a sound, I went on making video with Sony Vegas, worked around text and noise generator. Here’s the result.

Test Tone 1

click image to download video

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