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DaisyDisk : disk visualization tool for mac


What is disk visualization tool? It’s a software that let you easily and graphically see what is in your disk. I’ve used Disk Inventory X on mac for long time. It’s free and helpful when I want to see what hog my harddisk space. By the way, I’m switching to DaisyDisk ($20), another disk visualization tool for mac in the market.

Though both Disk Inventory X and DaisyDisk are the same kind of app, the experience is different. Disk Inventory X visualizes your disk as a big rectangular block with a lot of small blocks inside. The folder structure of the disk can be explore in the same way as List in Finder. The size of each type of files is also showed on the right panel which can be hidden. This is not bad, it works very well for me. But, after I’ve tried DaisyDisk yesterday, it showed me another level of experience.

Disk Inventory X

DaisyDisk visualizes disk in circular graphic with folder list on the right side. The graphic changes dynamically to visualize the folder you access. When you roll your mouse over each small section in circular graphic, the detail of that section will show up on the sidebar. I think all the smooth transition and animation are the advantage of Core-Animation in OSX 10.5 which is the minimum requirement of DaisyDisk.

DaisyDisk : Disk Visualization Tool

DaisyDisk : Disk Visualization Tool

Disk Inventory X works well for me, and DaisyDisk is worth $20. You can choose the solution that suit you. But, for me, now I’m using DaisyDisk for FREE! MacHeist‘s latest mission is now on and only one day left! What I did is just put to correct coordinates, then I got a license number for DaisyDisk.

If you like it, go and get it.

Thank MacHeist and DaisyDisk

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