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Too high expectation for NI Kontakt Player

Native Instruments : Kontakt Player

Native Instruments : Kontakt Player

Once I’ve heard of Native Instruments’ new Kontakt Player, I went to NI website to get more info about this product. It explained that Kontakt Player can be used with Kontakt Library Selection, the 650MB library created for Kontakt Player. and it’s also able to be expanded with 3rd party Kontakt Player library.

I downloaded Kontakt Player immediately because I thought it could open my sample libraries which some of them were .nki. But, after installed Kontakt Player into my PC, I used it to open my Old Lady piano sample which I converted from Giga format to nki a few years ago. It could be opend, but it was in Demo mode. The same thing happened when I tried to open my beloved Rhodes samples, Scarbee RSP73, as EXS24 and Halion format.

Kontakt Player itself can’t open samples those are not “Powered by KONTAKT”. When it opens nki, exs24 or Halion samples, it works as demo version of Kontakt 3. So sad, that was my too high expectation for Kontakt Player.

I’ve to keep on searching for free sample player which can open my Rhodes sample. Scarbee RSP73 was and still is my favorite Rhodes sample so far.

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