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There were many signs in audio-gear industry for the new way of marketing, such as NI departed from trade show and attendance decreasing in Summer NAMM’09. It seems like everything is going on-line. Now NI announces everything on their website, including new product and promotion. Roland is also heading this way.

According to news from Sound on Sound website, Roland will be launching 10 new products, not in a trade show or special event, it’ll be on their website, RolandConnect.com, on September the 1st. By far, what we know is they will be “a professional stage instrument” as well as “desktop home-studio gear”

Apple has just announced the new Logic Studio and Final Cut Studio exclusively on their website without any special event. Roland will announce 10 new products exclusively on their own website as well. In manufacturer point of view, the online announcement as web-event is a very effective way of communication with the end users, no matter it is 1-way or 2-way communication. Moreover, this can save a great amount of event-organizing cost. From now on, I think there will be more audio-gear manufacturer aiming their marketing target to the online web-event. Making web-event to get the prospects’ attention is much more effective and cheaper.

By the way, stay tuned on http://www.rolandconnect.com/

News from : http://www.soundonsound.com/news?NewsID=11850

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