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What is happening on 09/09/09

Mackie Onyx 820i

Mackie Onyx 820i

On Aug 8, 2008 (08/08/08), there was such a great opening ceremony of Olympic games in Beijing, China. What about 09/09/09, what is happening? A few months ago Propellerhead announced Record and promised that Record will be available on 09/09/09. Today I’ve just read the news mention another “big thing” will happen on 09/09/09. It’s from Mackie.

Sonicstate.com and Mixblog from Mix magazine mention Mackie Onyx 820i, the analog mixer with Firewire interface option. What make this mixer stand out is it’s compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered! Not much details about this so far. But, if this is real, it must be the next big thing to talk about for DAW market. Besides Digidesign’s hardware, there’s only M-Audio products which are compatible with Pro Tools, and it must be Pro Tools M-Powered. The news mentions that Onyx 820i comes with Mackie Universal Driver version 1, which make it able to use with Pro Tools M-Powered.

09/09/09 will be the day Mackie officially announce the new Onyx 820i and I expect to see more info about its compatibility with Pro Tools M-Powered. Maybe this will be the first step of Digidesign to “open” Pro Tools to use with other audio interfaces. Stay tuned.

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