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Pro Tools 8.0 LE installed

Pro Tools 8 LE : Screenshot1

Pro Tools 8 LE : Screenshot1

I’m able to upgrade from Pro Tools LE 7.4.2 to 8.0 with no cost because I bought MBox 2 Mini after October 3rd, 2008. I rarely use Pro Tools so far but I plan to use it more on my mac to get started on sound design. So I decide to download Pro Tools 8.0 LE from Digidesign yesterday. It’s 4.2GB, such a big installation file. Firstly I don’t want to download it because it’s too big and takes time to download, but I’m too lazy to go out and ask for installation DVD from my friend. I download it eventually. Digidesign surprised me with the downloading speed. My internet connection isn’t that good for internation link but I could finished downloading this 4.2GB within 6 hours. I thinks it’s because of Digidesign has local server in Thailand, nice!

Together with Pro Tools 8 LE, I download cs3 update for the latest bug fixed. Both of these files were installed into my Macbook Pro a moment ago. Installation process was smooth. Once I started Pro Tools, it asked for authorization code which Digidesign sent me via email after online activation. I put the code, then experience the new GUI of arrange view.

Back to the day I firstly touch Pro Tools, it was version 5.5 on OS9. By the time I began to familiar with it, Pro Tools 6 on OSX was released. I still remember how I feel when I see the GUI of PT6 compare with PT5. This feeling came back to me again when I see the new GUI of PT8 against PT7.

I’m yet to try anything on PT but try to do soon. Many new plugins included in PT8 attract me to try them as well.

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