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Propellerhead Record Open Beta

Record Open Beta

Prepellerhead has just announced a moment ago on Twitter that beta version of Record is now open for everyone. I’ve been invited by @theaudiogeek last week to be a beta tester of Propellerhead Record (thanks Jon). But now if anyone want to try Record, you don’t need an invitation.

Record Open Beta lets you download the RC4 version of Record and fully use it without limitations until the official release on Sep 9, 2009. The software itself is really nice and I love it. Please note that if you’ve Reason installed on your machine, you can use Reason’s modules inside Record. If not and you want to experience Record teamed up with Reason, you can download the demo of Reason and use it together. But, Record have to be in demo mode to work with Reason’s demo.

The latest part of Record Micro Tutorial is about setting up Record Open Beta. It shows what to do when you open Record for the first time.

As a Reason user, I’d like to recommend all Reason users to try Record, even you don’t want to record anything. The way Record handles instrements and effects helps you organize your messy Reason racks. Record racks and the gorgeous mixer benefit Reason users in many ways. Try it and you’ll love it.

Link : http://www.recordyou.com/

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