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NI is doing something with marketing strategy

Native InstrumentsIn this year, the year of economic downturn, Native Instruments (NI) has done many things for their products and marketing. On the product-side, there was Maschine came out and the updates of Tracktor series. By the way, those are not my style. On the marketing-side, NI has just re-designed the website which is much better than the previous design. This seems to be the beginning of the new marketing strategy. If you had a look at news from NI during last week, there were 3 news announced.

  • Tone up for Summer : 50% off for Guitar Rig 3
  • Kompletely Insane : over 60% off for Komplete 5
  • Departure from industry trade shows

The first 2 news are quite normal. Many audio-related software developers cut the price of their product to sell more, especially in summer during economic crisis. But the amount of price cut is pretty much; from $1149 down to $399 of Komplete 5. I’m waiting to see if there’re other developers will announces summer sale this much.

The announcement which interests me are not the first two, it’s the last one. I knew it from @NI_news on Twitter and more info from here. What I’m thinking is, if I was a member in NI marketing team, should I agree with this idea?

I think NI made this decision for a while and their new website played a bit part in this strategy. According to the announcement, NI will use their website which contain rich media as medium to communicate with users around the world. Yes, that’s right. Using website is good idea and it’s a must in today’s business. But do NI need to depart from industry trade shows?

As I’m here in Thailand and have never been to any music-related trade show oversea, NI need to do something more for this departure. I realize that news from trade show can be reached the same way as direct news from developers for oversea users those can’t be at the show. But there still be a Wow when it comes to the show. Only announcements from company’s website may not Wow enough. If NI decided to depart from shows, they should make a Wow one way or another. I’m thinking about an event held by NI. Maybe this has been planed already, who knows.

Frankly, there is a picture of Apple-liked event in my head with NI’s CEO talking the growth of the company 🙂

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