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My first Windows7 experience

I’ve been a Windows XP user for many years and dare not try Vista because of not-so-good results in many reviews. Today I’ve to reinstall Windows XP for my friend’s computer. There was something strange. I can’t reinstall WinXP into that machine. I tried Ubuntu and it’s work. By the way, my friend didn’t wanna use Linux. So I choose Window7 RC.

Windows 7 RC

Windows 7 RC

I installed Win7 into a computer with AMD X2, 2GB of RAM. Installation process was easy and more graphical than XP. I can’t remember how long did Win7 take for installation but it didn’t take longer than XP. Once after the installation finished, my first Win7 experience began.

The GUI of Win7 is similar to Vista. Since I’ve never tried Vista, this is my comparison between XP and 7. The taskbar is amazing. I like the way 7 handle shortcuts & active applications. To add and remove shortcut into/off taskbar is a lot like Dock in OSX, including moving shortcut along taskbar. As long as it works smoothly, I don’t care if Microsoft copies.

The transition effects when switching windows is wow. It feels smooth and make a good experience. I didn’t use the 7 that much, especially with the CPU-hog application. I’ve used the 7 for an hour just for internet surfing and some media player. The experience was good so far and I hope to try it more soon. 🙂

image credit : http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/windows-7-wallpapers-the-finest-so-far/

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