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Pro Tools get started

Pro Tools Method One DVD

I got Digidesign MBox 2 mini more than 6 months ago. I bought it because I want to learn how to use Protools but I rarely use it so far. I’ve just made up my mind a few days ago that I should get started with Pro Tools. At least, I should make it worth spending money on this MBox.

MBox 2 Mini comes with Method One DVD. I think it is attached with every Digidesign audio interface. I spent 2 hours today watching this DVD. As always, I felt sleepy while watching this kind of tutorial DVD. But I watched it all the way through anyway.

It’s very good resource to get started; easy to understand and informative. Many shortcuts and tips were mentioned in the DVD. I can’t remember them all but it let me know what I can do with Pro Tools. Spending 2 hours was worthwhile but I still need myriad of hours to practice to be able to use it effectively & efficiently.

I strongly recommend this DVD for those who want to get started on Pro Tools.

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