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is Akismet having problem?

I’ve been a WordPress user for a few years. The very first plugin I always install in every WordPress blog I make is Akismet. It’s a simple yet powerful spam blocker. It helps my blog free from spam.

By the way, I noticed a week ago. Tons of spam hit my blog, and about hundred of them could pass through the wall of Akismet into my blog comment. This is not normal situation. Moreover, it happened in the same time as all my 3 current WordPress blog got slower. It bother me with the dame slow of loading & saving. I presume there are 3 points those would be the weakest link.

  • I’ve just update to WordPress 2.8
  • The hosting service has problem
  • Akismet have problem

Saying now I’ve 2 separated issues; slow down & spam. I don’t think the hosting service is a cause of spam problem but It might causes slowing down issue. Or, these two issues might be a bug of WP2.8 which firstly impress me with much faster than the previous version.

How comes these issues? I don’t want to waste my time fixing them. These have never happened to me before.

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