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Pixelmator : the Photoshop alternative on mac


Photoshop is the very first name when we talk about photo & graphic editing. But, not everybody can effort it. There’re many alternatives out there, both free and not free. I used to try photoshop and realize how powerful it is. But I’m not a graphic geek. I don’t need those tons of features. What I want is an app for graphic editing which is easy to use and has necessary feature those similar to Photoshop.

I chose Pixelmator. Even though it’s not free as GIMP, but it’s cheap ($59). Actually I used to try GIMP, but it needs to run on X11 on mac. Its shortcuts are difficult to use. So I had to choose a new app. According to review in AppStorm, Pixelmator is interesting to give it a try.

Pixelmator : ScreenShot 2

The app itself is really good. It was created for mac, so all fancy effects in OSX help using this app is fun and intuitive. I use it to edit graphic for my blog. Moreover, Pixelmator has “Learn” section in its website which contain text tutorial, video tutorial and 3rd party tutorial. These tutorial make using Pixelmator more fun. Pixelmator also has Twitter account (@PixelmatorLearn) to update what’s new in Learn section.

So far, what I really want to be added in the next update is “Save for Web” feature.

If you’re using mac and looking for Photoshop alternative which is made for mac, I recommend it’s worth to try Pixelmator.

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