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AVID re-branding


Following @NABshow and @AvidTechnology in Twitter let me get a lot of news & updates about AVID. I’m not familiar with high-end video editing system, so what I know about Avid is it acquired Digidesign for years.

In the last month, I’ve heard more & more about Avid. This is because Avid is trying to integrate every products under the name of Avid together; including products from Digidesign, M-Audio, Pinnacle and Sibelius. I think it is Avid’s re-branding. Take a look at its new logo, I like it, much better than the previous one.

There’s an common Avid menu-bar showing on website of all companies acquired by Avid. This helps very much to get the image of integration. Furthermore, Avid demo the new features in Protools 8 HD which sync Protools system with Avid video system in NABshow last month. After years of taking over, this year Avid clarifies what is the advantage of having many companies under the same roof. This is the same things Apple and Adobe have done for a while, which is the way media-world is going. The line between audio and video production is blurred, these two need to be integrated for seamless workflow.

For Twitter users, all news and updates for both Avid video and Digidesign’s Protools are going through only one Twitter account, @AvidTechnology. Also, videos are posted on the only Avid channel on Vimeo. The video embeded above is Avid 2009 Customer Reel taken from Vimeo. Damn cool!

So what about Nuendo which is widely used in audio post-production? Steinberg has been acquired by Yamaha. Yamaha has no video-editing product so far, they should think about what to do with my beloved Nuendo in the long run.

PS. I’ve heard from someone that Digidesign is now called Avid Audio, correct?

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