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What is "Something New" from Propellerhead Software?

Last week, FutureMusic blog mentioned there’d be new Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) from Propellerhead, which would be announced in Producers Conference, an event held by Propellerhead. Moreover, This isn’t a new feature for Reason, but it’s complete new product.

Today, tweet from @propellerheadSW mentioned this video. It’s the look of people when looking at “Something New” from Propellerhead. If it actually is the new DAW, what do I expect?

There’re big-name out there; the new Protools 8, the bang-for-buck Apple Logic, Cubase5, soon-to-come Nuendo5 and Sonar8. and there’s a new coming such as Presonus Studio-One as well. The war of DAW is too tough if Propellerhead is making a conservative style DAW.

I’m thinking about a normal DAW come with all Reason modules as instruments and effects those can be used with third-party VST/AU stuffs. The classic cable wiring of Reason would be too messy and inconvinient for big scale of music production, saying orchestration with 64 NN-XT samplers. So, making a new DAW with Reason modules would help. This shouldn’t be an upgrade for Reason since many people still love the way Reason works as all-in-one and easy to get started music production.

just my 2 cents, let’s see what will happen in a few days.

via : Futuremusic Blog , @PropellerheadSW
more info : http://www.propellerheads.se/

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