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Please welcome Sony Vegas Pro 9

I used to use Sony Vegas for video editing. First known it since Vegas 4, Sony bought it from Sonic Foundry and released Vegas 5. Anyway, Vegas 7 is the version I mostly use and have never tried Vegas 8. Now Vegas Pro 9 is releasing on May 11th. This news isn’t excite me that much because I rarely to video editing now and plan to get started with Final Cut Studio soon.

What make me love Sony Vegas is its ease of use, this was a big reason over Adobe Premiere when I started doing video edit. The darker interface of Vegas Pro 9 make it look similar to Premiere. Another advantage of Vegas Pro is it bundles DVD Authoring tools.

Check out this video from Mix magazine, taken from NAB2009. It’s a quick look of Sony Vegas Pro 9.

[flv:http://mixonline.com/video/mixtv/gear/sony_vegas_pro-9.flv http://www.polypink.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/vegaspro9.jpg 480 369]

video from : http://mixonline.com/video/mixtv/gear/nab_sony_vegas_pro_9/
more info : http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/vegaspro9

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