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Video : The Origin…

This video was made by Agustin Eguia for “We’re Linux” contest. Although this video was announced as Runner-Up #1, it inspires me in many ways. The video itself was created using Pixelmateor, AfterEffect and Soundbooth. No other fancy apps needed, just the necessary ones, that’s all.

Furthermore, here is Agustin Eguia’s profile.

Agustin Eguia is a 28-year-old Uruguayan native living in Brussels. He discovered Linux at the age of 14, thanks to people like his father Hugo Eguia, family friend Hugo Godoy, and the UYLug (Uruguayan Linux group). Agustin works in two fields quite different from each other. In the IT field, he handles server implementation (domain controllers, storage, render farms, dispatching computations, optimization), and networking, mostly for the stable income. The second field is the one that defines what he really loves to do and himself: art. Concept, design, animation, 3D, and VFX. He specializes in design, motion graphics, and 3d animation with a strong influence of dynamics, particles, and fluids.

Since I’m making up my mind to put my career on two different fields, Eguia’s profile shows me it’s possible. I’ve no idea how good he is on his IT job (I think it’s what he works for a living), but his work on visual FX is interesting.

don’t forget to pay your attention on sound design of this video. It’s as interesting as the visual FX.

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