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Wave Hybrid Line : hybrid?

From Waves’ Twitter, the new line of plugins is announced, Wave Hybrid Line. It contains 2 plugins; Hybrid Delay (H-Delay) and Hybrid Compressor (H-Comp).

Waves HDelay

Waves HComp

After the success of SSL and API collection, it seems like Waves is now trying to make more and more vintage-hardware-emulated plugins. Both H-Delay and H-Compressor are good-looking, but, I don’t think this series should be called “Hybrid”. IMO, hybrid means using 2 different things together. But these are ordinary plugins, which emulate analog gears. Here’s what Waves said.

First, Waves took everything we learned when we modeled classic hardware for our award-winning SSL 4000 Collection, V-Series, and The API Collection.

Then, we imagined a series of plug-ins that would blend the best of yesterday’s sound with today’s technology.

Finally, we brought these elements together, and created the plug-ins that would realize our vision.

The result is the new Waves Hybrid Line.

The color and character of the Classics.

The features and flexibility of Waves

Plugins those emulate the sound of classic analog gear are new for Waves, but they are not new for desktop audio production. The new Waves Hybrid Line may sound good, however, I don’t like the way Waves promote it.

more info & image credit : http://www.waves.com/Content.aspx?id=9205&HPMF
news from : http://twitter.com/WavesAudioLtd

PS. owner of Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Mercury V6 bundle can download these 2 plugins for free.

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