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Garritan purchases GIGA from Tascam

Garritan GIGALast year, Tascam dropped all GIGA family off development. Since then, there’s no news related to GIGA announced from Tascam. Until now, I think this is one of the very interesting news from MusikMesse’09, Tascam announces that GIGA technology has been purchased by Garritan.

Garritan is the maker of Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO). I didn’t use it but I used Garritan Jazz&Big Band. These two products used Native Instruments’ Kontakt engine. This should be a big change after GIGA purchasing. The next sample library & virtual instruments from Garritan may be GVI (GIGA Virtual Instrument). I’ve no comment if it would be better or worse because I’ve never use any GIGA product. Anyway, I’m sure there will be many changes in Garritan’s products. Garritan didn’t announce their plan what to do with these GIGA things yet. Let’s wait ‘n see.

Press release : http://www.gigastudio.com/release.html
more info & image credit : http://www.garritan.com/
news from : http://www.sonicstate.com/

  1. ohm4u
    April 6, 2009 at 1:54 am

    ตอนที่เบื่อๆ ไม่รู้จะทำอะไร เข้ามาเว็บนี้ทีไรก็มีเรื่องให้ตื่นเต้นทุกที ..
    ขอปรบมือให้ดังๆงามๆเลย เป็นเว็บเดียวที่สร้างความน่าตื่นเต้นให้ชีวิตผมได้จริงๆ


    Wow, it’s such a great news.I was in doubt that why this such fantastic innovative software/technology had been abandonded….

    reckon that Garritan might already bought Giga before the software discontinuation announcement…

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