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Prosoniq Discontinues Windows Products

Prosoniq Morph

via Sonicstate.com , Prosoniq announced to discontinue Windows products. This doesn’t effect me at all because I don’t use their product. I used to try Morph and heard about Orange Vocoder, but these two have been existed for long long time, probably 10 years ago.

Anyway, let’s see what Prosoniq said

Karlsruhe, March 25th, 2009 — Prosoniq announces that it will discontinue development of its Windows products starting June 1st, 2009. Existing Windows products will continued to be sold until that date, and updates will be available until the end of 2009. Users who wish to crossgrade from the latest version of their Windows product to the Mac counterpart can do so for free by contacting Prosoniq via its contact form.

Bernhard Bouché, CEO at Prosoniq says that the Windows platform, though having a larger market share, has always been a very small part in Prosoniq’s product portfolio and has to make way for new products that are being currently developed on the Mac. “Given the global changes that we are seeing in the market we wanted to make sure we fully concentrate our efforts on what we do best and discontinue products that are not rentable”, says Bouché. Since Windows product sales in 2008 have been virtually nonexistent partly due to the widespread availability of illegal copies, Prosoniq has eventually decided to put the focus once again back exclusively on developing Mac products, which have been selling extremely well. “Even though we are aware of the danger of being dependent on a single company we are primarily a Mac based company”, Bouché says. “Being a small company developing highly specialized products we don’t aim for the mass market”, he adds. “Our experience shows that 90% of our customers are on the Mac anyway. We believe that by tending to products on one platform only we will be able to make better products and provide better support. Since crossgrading to the Mac is free we hope to encourage our Windows users to consider using them on a Mac when they are ready”. He also says that Prosoniq will reconsider developing for Windows when he sees a potential for more sales and less piracy, or when targeting other markets.

Windows product development had been one requirement for Prosoniq’s relationship with their former distributor, Steinberg. Prosoniq and Steinberg parted in 2001 but are still successfully working together as technology licensing partners. All Prosoniq key technologies, such as MPEX, will continue to be available for licensing on both Windows and Mac.

Software piracy on Windows is one of Prosoniq’s reasons to stop development on Windows platform. Umm, as I know, software piracy happens on mac as well. While the market share of Apple computer is increasing, software piracy is increasing together.

I guess, due to economic downturn, there will be more software developers to be platform-dependent by cut-off development on platform which didn’t make worth profit.

more info : http://www.prosoniq.com/news/win-disctd/
via : Sonicstate.com

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