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Mix09 day1 keynote

Recommended by my dad, he said I should see these keynotes, espacially about Silverlight3. It’s 2h 18m long video which worth to see. The video started with Bill Buxton, he talked about Experience & Design, and I like his 24-minute keynote.

Next in this video is keynote by Scott Guthrie, he introduced many things about web technology. I didn’t pay attention that much on this part, until he started talking about Silverlight. Many guests came on stage and share their (and their company’s) experience with Silverlight. It’s very amazing thing. Espacially the plan of NBC for winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010, I’m waiting to see what they will do with Silverlight, in case internet speed in Thailand is fast & reliable enough.

Mix'09 Day1 Keynote

Another thing I like in this video is the way they show 2 screen simultaneously side-by-side. One for what happen on stage and one for what’s showing on screen. Maybe I’d apply Silverlight somewhere in this blog.

I’ve seen this quote many times. And Bill Buxton showed it again in his keynote.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” , Seneca

more info : http://live.visitmix.com/

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